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Dear Travellers,

The Swahili word "SAFARI" conjures up vision of a full scale wildlife expedition, but in fact it can mean to go on a journey anywhere. The following notes will prepare you for your "Safari" a journey of a lifetime.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the degree of comfort at the lodges or camps. They all have bar facilities, most have swimming pools and all have attentive staff. Laundry services are available at most lodges. There is no organized entertainment at game lodges except occasional wildlife films and slide shows and at night lighting is subdued so as not to scare away the animals.

Your itinerary may include tented accommodation, which can be attached to a game lodge or in a separate safari camp. Tented camps offer good standards of comfort and services, while giving the feeling of being "Closer to Africa" in true safari style.

Access to most parks and most of the main towns in Kenya is by tarmac roads, but within the parks the route is by all weather surface tracks which are uneven, dusty or muddy and not without potholes. It is a deliberate government policy not to tarmac the park roads to ensure the driving limits are not abused and to keep parks as much as possible in their natural state. A part from a few specially designated areas you will not be allowed to leave the safari vehicle. You must also be prepared for some disappointment due to the annual migration, changing patterns in weather conditions etc. There is no guarantee all the animals one expects to see, will be seen. Your driver/tour guide will be a mine of information on game, local customs and attractions. To help you enjoy your safari to the full, why not take the opportunity - particularly during the long drive. To get to know your driver and more about the way of life in Kenya, asking lots of interested questions will prove invaluable. Your driver/tour guide will advise you on a daily basis of the time for your game drive, departures etc. The best time for game viewing is normally early morning or late afternoon, as animals tend to hide up during the heat of the day.

At lodges with flood lite water holes, it is possible to view the animals well into the early hours of the morning, although it is possible to arrange for the ranger to call you after you have gone to bed should a particular animal visit the water hole. Excessive noise will scare the animals away, whilst on game drives and at lodges/camps. Please remember to speak quietly and avoid making sudden loud noises. The majority of lodges/camps have radio communications and landline telephone.


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